Successful Women in Real Estate Investing – Tracy Royce – Pre-foreclosure Expert

November 5, 2014 in Investing In Real Estate, Successful Women in Real Estate Investing


Susan Lassiter Lyons

We are “goal setters”.


Pre-foreclosure Expert

I'm happy to  have another issue of “Successful Women In Real Estate Investing” for you today.  The spotlight is on Tracy Royce who is an Arizona real estate investor and  and both a short sale and  pre-foreclosure expert. One thing that is really unique about Tracy is that she worked for other investors before opening her own business.  She really took advantage of the “earn while you learn” model. Even though there aren't nearly as many short sales as before, she has continued to work in the pre-foreclosure niche.

You might remember that I recently did a podcast with Tracy.  If you missed that episode you can listen to that By Clicking Here….

I love the answers that Tracy had for my 4 questions.  Check those out below.


The 4 Questions

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