Bill Walston – Understanding Master Lease Options – Podcast Episode #25

August 11, 2014 in Lease Options, Podcasts

Bill Walston Podcast - Master Lease Options My guest for today’s podcast is my friend Bill Walston, and we are diving into the strategy of master lease options.  It is a fascinating concept; that anyone can invest in commercial property with no money down.   Even more fascinating is the idea that this strategy works for pretty much any type of property that has units that are leased.

A lot of people think the master lease option strategy is complicated, but that isn't the case.

Most of us think of apartment buildings when we think of master lease options and those are certainly at the top of the list.  Bill has put somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 properties in his portfolio in the last 4 years (there could be more by the time this is posted).

But there are many other types of properties that will work with master lease options such as:

  • Mixed use commercial
  • Storage facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Townhouses
  • Marinas (I’ll bet that one caught you by surprise)
  • And a whole lot more


Show Notes

The great thing about the master lease option strategy is that you can get in and “try before you buy”.  You can find out if a particular property will be a good fit in your portfolio before you have to get a mortgage. Then at the end of the option period, you can exercise your option and finalize the sale.   Want to learn more? Some of the things that we talked about in this episode are: Read the rest of this entry →