Michael Quarles – Learn to Negotiate Like a Pro – Podcast Episode #29

September 8, 2014 in Negotiating Tips, Podcasts



My guest for today's podcast is Michael Quarles a full time investor from sunny California. Today's show is on how to negotiate like a pro. Having done close to 1000 deals, that certainly qualifies him as an expert.

Michael is also the owner of a direct marketing company called YellowLetters.com  that I use in my business.

Today the topic is “Learn to Negotiate Like a Pro”. If there is one thing that hangs investors up it is negotiation. For most folks this is a skill they have to learn; they aren't born skilled negotiators. But the good news is that everyone can learn to be good at this.

On tip I loved was when Michael said that he doesn't go out to “look at houses”.  When speaking to the seller he says,  “When I buy your house”… What a game changer this is when you understand the power of this sentence. I know you are really going to love this podcast. Be sure to leave us any questions you might have for me or for Michael.


Show Notes

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