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I'm excited to start a whole new series on branding today. Specifically I want to talk about up-leveling your brand; what that is and why you need to do it to survive. I also want to talk about the unexpected bonus you’ll get along the way.  Ready to do some up-leveling?


What’s the unexpected bonus?

Up-leveling your brand will help to make you “an undisputed expert” not only in your market but across the country.

When you up-level any part of your business it elevates your brand by default.  There is no “one thing” that will accomplish this.  However, I know implementing these changes will make a huge difference over time.  A bigger brand always equals more money.  I will tell you in advance that this often this comes in unexpected ways.

Are you ready to get started?



To transform and grow in an area previously stagnant.

“This year I plan to up-level my brand”.


What Exactly is a Brand?

Your brand is how people feel about you.

Your name, your colors and logos along with other components like these help people recognize your brand. They
make up a brand’s visual identity.  However, that’s not really your brand.

Let’s take Gerber baby food as an example. The Gerber brand is not really about the food in the jars.  It’s about the feeling you get when you feed it to your baby.  You feel like Gerber baby food is safe and nutritious so it must be good for your baby. But did you ever do any research on what’s in the jar?  Probably not. Gerber makes you feel like
they are a good choice and that’s what you based your decision on.

Oup-leveling your brandver the next few months. In addition to talking about real estate investing we are going to spend some time each week diving into branding. We will be talking about ways you can define your brand and how you can take it up to the next level or “up-level” your brand.  When you build your brand, you build your business.

Up-leveling your brand not only helps you stand out in a very crowded field, but it will ensure you that you will survive in any real estate market going forward when it’s coupled with a strong marketing plan.


Do You Feel a Little Like a Fraud When You Think About YOUR Brand?

When I talk about building your brand and just how important it is that you do that right from the beginning, I know how you feel.  Not only do you feel uncomfortable putting yourself out there as an “experienced investor” or “the expert”, but I will go so far as to say you might just feel like a bit of a fraud in the especially in the beginning.

You’re probably saying to yourself …

  • Who am I to build a brand?
  • I’ve only done a couple of deals
  • I really don’t have a clue what I’m doing
  • ___ is the expert in my market
  • No one knows who I am

Sound familiar? You don’t need wait until you feel successful to start this process of building a brand.  You need to trust me on this one.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what level you are at, you can always look around and find someone more successful than you are. It will always be that way. Here is another truth; you are already better than a whole lot of other people so let’s just get all of that out of the way.

Build your brand starting from where you are today. It’s as simple as that.



What exactly is up-leveling?Up-leveling your brand

Up-leveling is taking the things you do, the tools you use and the brand you have built to date, and deciding to move
away from everything basic. It involves taking everything up a notch. Sometimes this will involve spending some money and sometimes it won’t.

During this process, you will begin to build a brand that slowly surpasses all of your competitors. In fact I will go so far as to say your competitors will probably have no idea how you did that because it will happen over time.


Let’s Take a Quick Look at Your Competition

If you look around your market, how many of your competitors have anything more than a phone?  Seriously; their phone is their business. The majority of investors work from home.

Most of these same people do little or no marketing and the vast majority of them don’t have even a basic website. They depend solely on other investors to bring them deals.

Now there’s certainly nothing wrong with having folks bring you deals, but it’s risky business to be completely dependent other people for your deals.  You want to build YOUR brand so other investors seek you out.

Now stop and think about it for a minute; getting folks to bring you deals goes back to branding too.  These investors found a way to stand out and let other people know they are looking for deals.   I’m sure most of them did this by being visible at their local REIA’s.  Your local REIA is probably the fastest, most economical way to quickly get known in your local market place.

I would be willing to bet that almost no one has invested any time or money building an outstanding brand so the field is wide open.


What Are Some Things You Can Up-level?

Upleveling your Brand - create your brandLet me start by saying there are no limits to what you can do when it comes to this up- leveling process.

Doing these things will often cost you a little money, but they will pay big dividends over time.  In the upcoming articles I will give you some resources, and I will tell the benefits of up-leveling these individual parts of your business.

Here are just a few things to think about when up-leveling your brand. These are also some of the things we will be talking about going forward.

  1. Your phone service; why up-leveling this will allow you to interact with sellers better
  2. Your websites; why you need different kinds
  3. Your images; why you need to invest in a branding shoot for your business
  4. Your story; why it’s so important when it comes to up-leveling your brand
  5. Why you need a welcome video for your site
  6. The visual components of your brand; becoming recognizable in a crowded world
  7. Creating your uniform brand presence across all platforms
  8. Video; taking it up a notch for a professional look
  9. Writing; are you author material?
  10. Why creating repeatable systems for your business beats out the competition who’s just “winging it”
  11. Why your customer plan is vital for up-leveling your brand
  12. Building your “expert status”


These are some of the topics I will be diving deep into going forward.

In the weeks and months to come, if you take each topic and implement these ideas each week you will have a whole different brand by the fall.

I guarantee it if you have to do the work!


Exciting News Coming Soon…

Building your brand and your expert status without any help can be a daunting task, and it can take a lot of time.

If you are looking for some help with this process, be on the lookout for some information coming your way soon on an exciting fall workshop that will enable you to walk away with a complete up-leveled branding package in just 3 days.

Sound exciting? You bet it does!


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