Craig's List

There are any number of ways for using Craig's list in your real estate investing business. If you are in the market to buy houses, you can post ads designed to send you motivated seller leads. Or if you are a seller looking for a buyer, this site perfect for posting properties for sale or for rent.

Hardly anyone uses print ads today, but just about everyone uses the internet. The fact that Craig's List is free makes it even more appealing. It's important that you take advantage of all the free resources available to you for your business. Cash is king so anytime you can keep your cash in your pocket, that's a definite plus.


Changes In Craig's List and How they Affect You

Craig's List has been making some changes in their site over the past few months that have greatly impacted real estate investors. In the past you could make a beautiful flyer for your property on a free site like Postlets and post it on Craig's List. Having a flyer to showcase your property made your listing stand out from all the rest. But that feature is no longer available in most areas. In this video you will see just how those changes will impact your business and the way you create your future ads.


Here's a quick video for you with some tips for using Craig's list.




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