Zip It display with drain 764x10241 150x150Let’s face it; whether or not we like it, clogged drains are part of life. They just show up unannounced every now and then. And for anyone that has rental property, you know firsthand that they show up with much more frequency. What’s the reason for that? Do tenants lose more hair than the rest of us?

Landlords hate driving across town to clear clogged drains. Calling a plumber is expensive not to mention that you have a tenant that is unhappy until the plumber finally does show up.


Do you want a quick and easy solution?

I have found what I like to call the miracle tool.  It’s called “Zip It”. While some folks call it a snake, Zip It Clean is quick to point out that’s it’s not a snake; it’s just “Zip It”. This inexpensive tool can be found at almost all big department stores as well as most all of the discount stores. And the best part of all is that it only costs a few dollars; about $2.50 to be exact.


What if you think you can’t fix anything?

I can tell you that this this so easy even I can do it. But if you feel you need some “advanced education” in unclogging drains, take a look at this 2 minute video by Olivia over at hot and handy on using Zip It on unclogging drains.  Yes, that’s really the name of the site.

Maybe this should be a housewarming gift for all of your tenants. Check it out.

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