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Hi, I'm Sharon and I'm so glad you're here! I teach real estate investors how to build profitable probate investing businesses, create marketing plans that will generate a steady stream of leads month after month, and I show you ways to build a brand that will make your competition irrelevant. I've been in this business for two decades, and probates have always been my number one source of leads.  Marketing and branding are the foundation of a successful business no matter what your real estate investing strategy is.  Always remember:

Marketing is how you get leads; branding is why they choose YOU.


Do you ever feel like this business just shouldn't be so hard?

I know I did. That's the way I felt for so many years. If you want to make your marketing work better, you want to stand out from your competition, and you want build a profitable business, you have to get really good at marketing and branding. That's where you start!

Why Marketing and Branding?

Marketing and branding are the 2 main things you need to master in your business and here's why:

Marketing is how you get leads. Branding is why they choose YOU.

Once you get good at these two things, you will stand out from your competition and everything else will fall into place.

Let's Talk Marketing…

Marketing activities are the things you do to get leads in the door; to get your phone ringing. Your marketing lets your potential customers know that you exist. That marketing might be direct mail, your website, social media, networking, Facebook ads, bandit signs or anyone of the dozens of other marketing strategies.

Your Branding…

You branding is what makes folks want to work with you (rather than your competition) . It's what sets you apart and differentiates you from your competition. Strong branding helps you stand out as the expert in your field.  As you can see, these two things work hand in hand, so you need to work on both or them simultaneously. Don't think just because you're just getting started, you don't need to be building your brand. You do! I designed these coaching programs to help you grow your business faster than you ever thought was possible.

Why Invest in These Programs?

The reason is simple. I can shave years off your learning curve! I can teach you how to create a marketing plan that will generate a steady stream of leads month after month (money in your pocket $$), and show you ways to build a brand that will make your competition irrelevant. (Priceless) If you don't have a written marketing plan now, getting that done should be on the top of your list and … I've made it easy for you. Book a one hour consultation with me and get that done ASAP. You can get the details below.

Here Are a Few of the Ways You Can Work With Me

Probate Investing Simplified Course

I have created a 6 week course where you will learn how to become a probate investing pro! Probates have been my number one source of leads for over a decade, but you need to know the ins and outs of how this investing strategy works to be successful in this niche.  Folks that have inherited an unwanted house, especially one that needs a lot of repairs and updates are in a tough spot.  They have a property that they just need to get rid of.  As real estate investors, we are uniquely qualified to when it comes to solving their problem. To learn more about how you too can become a probate expert, check out my course Probate Investing Simplified.  Just click here.

One Hour of 1 on 1 Coaching 

Did you ever need someone to coach you through a problem or help you with those “next steps”? Then this is perfect for you. You can get a lot done in 1 hour! I also have a special price for those that want to book 2 hours at one time (you can also use the 2 hours one at a time if that works better for you). To schedule your one hour 1 on 1 call  just click here…   For 2 one hour calls at the special package price just click here…. **Just need a “quickie”. You can schedule a 30 minute strategy session by clicking here.

90 Day Marketing and Branding Mastery Program

In this program, I will work with you for 90 days to create and implement your marketing and branding strategies. We will have 2 calls a month for 3 months.  See the details of regarding the bonus call below). You also get unlimited email support in between the calls to help you achieve your personal goals.  (I'm a great accountability partner.) To enroll click here… To schedule a call to see if this special program is a fit for you just send me an email to sharon@sharonvornholt.com.

Your Personalized Quick Start Marketing Plan  

If you're fumbling around without really having any idea of what marketing you need to be doing then this is for you. You will have a customized marketing plan just for your business after just one hour. When we do your customized Quick Start Marketing Plan, we will create a plan for all your marketing activities based on how you want to run your business. No two plans are exactly alike. Yes, you really can have a complete marketing plan in your hands in one hour. Guaranteed! And… you will have a plan for “implementing your plan”. Once you have your marketing plan laid out, I will show you a simple way to implement your plan. It doesn't get any easier than that. To get started just click here

Marketing Mastery VIP Day

If you want to “get it all done” in one day of total immersion, then a VIP day is for you.  We can do our VIP Day at your location or mine.  Each VIP day is tailored to your specific goals for your investing business. For more information on the Marketing Mastery VIP Day and how this can shave years off your learning curve,  Not Sure Which Program is Right for You? 

Schedule a quick call for a strategy session and we'll hop on the phone and figure it out together. Send me an email if you would like to book a strategy session at sharon@sharonvornholt.com


If you are serious about building a real business, investing in coaching programs is the best money you will ever spend.

That's a promise!

If you have any questions, just let me know and I will get them answered. I'm here for you!

Email me at sharon@sharonvornholt.com.

Sharon Vornholt Coaching


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