Al Williamson – Building Wealth in Inner City Neighborhoods – Podcast Episode #10

March 31, 2014 in Fix and Flip / Rehabbing, Podcasts


Al Williamson - The Catalytic Landlord


When you think about investing in inner city neighborhoods, what are your first thoughts?

I’m in — or no way?

I’m pretty sure for most real estate investors the answer is “no way”.  Investing in property located in inner city neighborhoods has always been characterized as being risky.


  • They are hard to manage
  • Tenants in those neighborhoods don’t take care of the property
  • You have to chase folks down to get the rent before they spend the money on ….
  • The crime rates are high


But what if you had a chance to create lasting change in those inner city neighborhoods; change that could have a profound effect on the folks that live there?  What if you could be a “catalytic landlord”?

In today’s podcast on “Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing” my guest is fellow real estate investor Al Williamson from Sacramento, CA.

I first met Al some time ago through BiggerPockets which as most of you know is a site for real estate investors. I might point out that this site is a great place to meet and network with other real estate investors.

The one thing that I have learned is that Al is very passionate about his work in inner city neighborhoods.  He has also written a book on the subject Read the rest of this entry →