3 Steps to Determining Your “Must Haves” in a Home

August 17, 2015 in Guest Posts, Investing In Real Estate


must haves for your homeLast week I took some much needed time off for a little “R & R”. It never fails that when you try to sneak away for a few days, you inevitably get a few unwanted surprises.

My big surprise was that the condo I was staying in at the beach had no (functioning) internet.  As it turned out, the modem had gone out.

The owner of the condo got right on the problem, but it took the internet provider until Thursday night just before 7:00 PM to get over there and plug in a new modem.  This 5 minute job took almost an entire week.  Talk about terrible customer service!  At any rate, that was why I was MIA last week.


Coming Up Today

I am really happy to have another guest post from Satinder Haer of Zillow. Today's article is all about the 3 steps to determining your “must haves” in your new home.

Satinder did a guest article for me a few weeks ago that folks loved so I am happy to have her back again today.  If you missed that post you can read it by clicking here.  I don't have to tell you that Zillow is a great resource for anyone in real estate.

Determining your “must haves” in a home is an important process not only for homeowners but for real estate investors as well.  For many investors that will be homes with 3 bedrooms and two baths. It could be something entirely different for someone else.  Each person’s investing criteria is unique to them so there is no right or wrong answer.  However as investors we need to be clear on what our end buyers “must haves” are if we want to make smart investing decisions.

My thanks once again to Satinder Haer for this guest post.


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