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Most real estate investors work from home at least in the beginning.  Even if you eventually get an outside office, it’s inevitable that you will end up working from home at times.


Let’s face it; it’s easy to get distracted when you work from home

Does this sound like you?  You get up to get something to drink and you notice the dirty dishes in the sink. So you think, “I will put these in the dishwasher. It will only take a minute”. In the process, you spill that left over cup of coffee on the floor. You grab a dish towel, wipe up the coffee, then hit the start button on the dishwasher.  Then you take the towel you cleaned up the coffee with to the laundry basket when all of a sudden you think, “I’ll just throw this load of clothes in the washer real quickly”. It will just take a few seconds.

You get the picture; you have just become a victim of the shiny object syndrome or the “I have totally lost my focus” syndrome.

I saw a great article a while back from Entrepreneur that I wanted to share with you today.  If you are finding it hard to get in the grove when working from home, you will love these 9 tips.   Here are 9 tips to help you be successful working from home.


Just click the link below:    
9 Things Successful People Do When Working From Home


 Let me know what you think. Did you find these 9 tips helpful? 


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