ProcrastinationWe all do it; we all wish we didn't do it; but we continue to do it anyway. Why is it that ending procrastination is so hard?   Have you ever thought about how much different things would be if you could eliminate just this one habit from your life?  I know I have. And believe me, I have tried.  In fact I think it's safe to say, most folks work on this on a continual basis.


The 3 Stooges; “Woulda’, Shoulda’ and ‘Coulda’”

Think about this for just a minute; how many times have we all announced to the world (or just our spouse and friends) that a new project was on the horizon. Related: Procrastination: The Thief of Time and Accomplishment In that moment we are so full of excitement about our project, our plan or – you fill in the blanks – whatever our “new thing” is.  In that moment we fully intend to follow through on our commitment. But later when someone asks us about that “project” we are forced to say –

  • It’s on my list
  • I have it on my calendar
  • I will get to it next week (next month, or after the holidays).


Here is a big reason for ending procrastination once and for all.   I'ts costing you money!


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