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Today's show is on overcoming procrastination; the silent killer of your business.

I read a great book a couple of years ago called “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy.  In this book Brian talks about overcoming procrastination.  He talks about getting that thing you dread the most off your plate the first thing in the morning each day. That is the whole principle behind “Eat That Frog”. Attacking you’re your most dreaded tasks and getting them over with at the beginning of the day.


Does Procrastination Make You Feel Better?


When I think back to all the times I have procrastinated, I can't think of one time I actually felt better after doing it. In fact, what happens is the exact opposite. The bigger the “thing” is the more painful the whole process is.

The thing that you spend so much time avoiding becomes a noose around your neck.  It can actually paralyze you so much that you have trouble becoming unstuck. Overcoming procrastination is so important to the health and growth of your business that if you don’t get a handle on it, it may actually cause your business to fail.

So How Can You Put a Stop to This Habit Once and for All?

  • You have to first admit you have a problem. (Now where have you hear that before?)
  • Create a plan or new habits for moving past this habit.   I’ll have some tips on doing this for you in the show.
  • Kick “Woulda, Shoulda and Coulda” to the curb once and for all
  • Set a date – when will you get it done?
  • Establish a new morning routine to help overcome procrastination


Let Me Know

Do you have any tips for overcoming procrastination?


Resources Mentioned in this Show

  • Eat this Frog by Brian Tracy
  • The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
  • Seth’s Godin’s Blog
  • Upwork for outsourcing


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