Amazing Entrepreneurs – Interview with Real Estate Investor Kelly Payne

November 27, 2012 in Amazing Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship, Investing In Real Estate, Videos

Busy Mom and Real Estate Investor

Kelly Payne

I have an interview for you today with Kelly Payne.  Kelly is an entrepreneur from Tulsa Oklahoma, and she is a real estate investor, and a busy mom with 3 children aged 6 and under. She has closed 4 real estate transactions already this year and has just put her 5th house under contract since doing this interview.  I really wanted to see how she manages to get everything done.

Kelly took a break from investing for about a year when her last child was born, but she didn’t forget about real estate completely. She took that year to continue her education and also to blog about her journey. Her original plan was to wholesale houses and then eventually transition into having a portfolio of buy and hold rentals. What has happened is that she has moved into other strategies even quicker that she ever imagined; some almost by accident. I also want to point out that this busy mom not only invests in her hometown, but also in one other city. If there is one thing we have all learned not only in business but in life in general, it is that nothing really goes as planned.  I’m sure you will love Kelly’s story. Read the rest of this entry →