10 Tips for Being a Good Landlord and Having Happy Tenants

February 27, 2012 in Landlords and Tenants

Ten Tips For Bing A Good Landlord and Having Happy Tenants

Are Your Tenants Raving Fans?

I originally published this article a while back in. The challenge of attracting and keeping quality tenants hasn't changed much since then, so I though I would update this timely topic.  Happy tenants are long term tenants.  Y

ou can still run a profitable business AND have happy tenants.  I have 10 tips for being a good landlord that will help you have happy tenants.

So once you finally have a good tenant, just how do you make them never want to leave?


Here are 10 suggestions on how to have happy tenants.

1. Educate your tenants when they first move in. Your tenants can’t follow the rules if they don’t know the rules. Read the rest of this entry →