How Do You Decide How Much To Pay A Virtual Assistant?

June 4, 2013 in Investing In Real Estate, Outsourcing - Virtual Assistants


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In part 4 of this series, we will go over one of the most frequently asked questions; “how do you decide how much to pay your virtual assistant? There are typically two ways you can pay folks; either by the job or by the hour.


By the Job

You can post a job opening and offer a set amount like I did for transcribing a set of videos. I really wasn’t interested in an hourly rate person for that particular job. I wanted a price for the whole job much like you would ask for if you got bids to paint the exterior of your house.

If you have a job like this, you can post the job and set the amount you would like to pay such as $50 or whatever the amount is.


By the Hour

The second way is to post the job and set the hourly rate, then wait to see who applies for your job posting.  You can also do that in reverse. You can post the job, and see what the interested individuals charge per hour.  You can always negotiate their desired salary if you find someone you really like.


What If No One Is Interested?

Someone will always be interested. Typically a number of people will respond to your posting, so you will always have candidates to choose from. You want to look at their skills, check their ratings on Odesk, and I like to find someone that has worked for another person for a long time. That usually means they are a good, reliable candidate. Once I found someone that I thought would be a good fit for me and my business, I just agreed to pay the hourly rate she wanted.  (I will go over screening these folks in the future).


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