How to Implement Marketing Strategies that Will Put More Cash in Your Pocket

September 5, 2017 in Marketing


Marketing Strategies

Today’s article is about how to implement solid marketing strategies in your business that will put more deals in your pipeline and more cash in your pocket. I’m also going to go over exactly  how you can do that.

Whether you are a rehabber or a buy and hold investor, having a steady stream of leads is going to be important to you.  Buy and hold landlords will most likely add properties to their portfolio over time whether they only have a few properties at this time or they have a larger portfolio. In the same way, rehabbers depend on these leads to put new properties into their inventory.

Some of you might work with wholesalers that bring you properties and there’s nothing wrong with that.  I’m a wholesaler.  There’s no doubt that wholesalers can be a very good source of deals. But if that’s your only source of leads, what that means is that you are limited to what they bring to you and that’s not really a great place to be.


Why Should You Be Marketing?

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