8 Tips for Selling a Tenant Occupied Home

October 13, 2015 in Investing In Real Estate


Tips for selling a tenant occupied home

Whether you have a large portfolio of properties or just a handful of rentals, there will almost certainly come a time when you decide to sell one of your properties that is occupied. Today I have some tips on selling a tenant occupied home.

You may be thinking that this will be an easy process, but I have to tell you that without the proper preparation this process may turn into one giant headache. If you have been a landlord for any length of time you know that some tenants can be completely exasperating.  If this process is not handled properly, tenants can actually prevent the sale of your property by throwing up roadblocks.


If you look at it from the tenant’s point of view, not only is selling the property they currently call their home an inconvenience to them, but they will likely have to move. You will also be asking them to keep the house straight and let strangers come into their home while they are still living there.

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