Don’t Be an “Askhole”; Tips for Building a Relationship with Your Real Estate Mentor

August 23, 2013 in Investing In Real Estate


askhole4Don't be an “Askhole”.

Catchy title right? I saw that title on an article recently, and I really had to chuckle having just experienced one of those days. Today I just couldn’t resist incorporating it into my article, because it spells out perfectly in one word what typically goes wrong in a mentoring relationship.

Everyone starting out in this business of real estate investing has discovered pretty quickly that they need a mentor (or three). There is just no getting around it. This is a business that has a million details and nuances.

Most of us struggle for way too long trying to figure it all out on our own which is usually a bad idea.  The other group of folks, think that someone can save them all the hard work and just answer their constant emails and texts so that they don’t have to do any work at all.


So what is the correct way to work with a mentor?

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