HOme inspection 2 


The value of presale home inspections has been a topic that has been debated since I was first in the home inspection business which was way back in 1991. It still tends to be a hot topic almost 4 years after I closed that business.

Real estate investors and rehabbers have never been folks to see the value of having an inspection before putting their house on the market. Yet several times in the past few weeks, I have heard one of my fellow real estate investors complaining loudly because “that inspector” found things wrong with the house they were selling that ended up costing them part of their expected profits.

Loosely translated this means, “After I have reduced the price of the house for my end buyer, I now have to spend money doing additional repairs as a result of the home inspection”.

For that reason, I felt compelled to write a post about this very topic. I am hoping that there can be a clearer understanding of why these two very competent groups of folks often find themselves miles apart in understanding.

You can read the post here.

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