21-Ways-to-Manage-the Stuff Shat Sucks Up Your Time

I just finished reading a terrific little book called “21 Ways to Manage the Stuff That Sucks up Your Time”, by Grace Marshall.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Grace and her work, she is a life and business coach, and she has two young children. She is also a NLP practitioner and a DISC trainer. She is passionate about helping business owners make the most of their business time and their talents, and do life and business on their own terms.

This book is a quick easy read, but it is full of great tips. Some of them you are probably already doing. But if you’re like me, there are a few more you really should be doing.  You will find this book to be very helpful especially if you are not naturally organized. And if you already consider yourself to be an organized person, implementing just a few of these tips will only make you better.


This book is for anyone that wants to:

  • Get more done in the time they have without working longer.
  • Make money, grow your business and still have time for your family
  • Find “me time” for doing what’s important to you without feeling guilty.
  • Learn tools and techniques for getting more organized so that you look forward to getting up and going to work each day and you finish each day with a feeling of satisfaction.


Focus and Time Saving Tips

Grace also shares strategies that she uses every day to move through the day with ease such as how to “batch” similar jobs, how to choose progress over perfect and how to “empty your head” so that you can really focus on the job at hand.

Probably two of my favorite chapters were on how to beat procrastination and how to manage your energy, not your time.


Dream to Done

Grace says, “Someday is a safe place to hide dreams. Safe from the scrutiny of whether it’s doable, if you have what it takes and if it would work. Safe from the pressures of having to justify or validate your dream”.

 “Where everything is possible, but nothing ever gets done.”

This is a great resource! Grace asks you, if you have a “someday dream”; a dream you keep in your mind as something you’d love to do someday? A dream that hasn’t come true?

Head on over to her “Dream to Done” page. Once you are there Grace will tell you what her dream was, and how she made it come true.  You can also sign up for her free 5 part “Dream to Done” email course here at:  Just click here.

This is a great little book, and you can find it on Amazon at 21 Ways to Manage the Stuff that Sucks Up Your Time.



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