Using Master Lease Options


The Benefits of Using Master Lease Options as Interest Rates Soar with Bill Walston – Episode #396

Interest rates are soaring today across the country. Smart investors are using master lease options to acquire property now more than ever before. So, what exactly is a master lease option, and how can I use this investing strategy to acquire property?

Master lease options allow you to control commercial property like apartment buildings, storage facilities, etc., and then buy them at a specified time in the future. You can generally do this with no money down.

Bill Walston is one of the most sought-after business and tax strategists in the real estate investing community. He has been an active real estate investor for nearly four decades as well as an author, mentor, and coach. His passion is teaching and creating strategies that help real estate investors do more deals, make more money, and live a tax-deductible lifestyle.


Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 07:52] Opening Segment

  • An overview of the benefits of using master lease options
  • Bill's background and work
    • A business and tax strategist in the real estate investing community
    • Helping investors do more deals and make more money


[07:53 – 15:23] How to Buy a Property with a Motivated Seller

  • How sellers have different motivations for selling
    • Find out their motivation for selling and what the net operating income is
  • A typical master lease option term is five years, and the option can be exercised at any time during that period


[15:24 – 22:49] How to Analyze a Property for a Master Release Option Projection

  • The key points for analyzing a property to do a projection are getting the numbers from the seller
    • Understanding their financials, and projecting rents
  • The average expenses for a property are usually 35-45% of the income


[22:50 – 32:31] Closing Segment

  • Why banks are not typically willing to finance multifamily deals
  • How to use master lease options and creative finance when interest rates soar
  • The importance of determining your investing criteria


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Resources Mentioned:

Here are some sources for finding multi-family properties:


Key Quotes:


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