Real Estate Investing Myths


Six Common Real Estate Investing Myths: Fact or Fiction?

Today I want to talk about six common real estate investing myths that I hear all the time when I’m talking with other investors. Real estate investing at its core is a pretty simple business. Someone has a property to sell, and you are in the business of buying properties.   On the surface this is a pretty simple business.  However, once you have been in this business for a while, you will see that there are a lot of real estate investing myths and misconceptions about what you can and cannot do.  Today I want to jump in and sort some of those out starting with these common real estate investing myths.


Show Notes: Six Common Real Estate Investing Myths: Fact, Fiction, or a Little of Both?

Here are some of the things you’ll find in this show in this show:

  • How much money do you really need to get started in this business
  • Does your credit really matter as a real estate investor?
  • Why this business is easier and more profitable if you have some money when you’re first starting out
  • Wholesaling 101
  • Is wholesaling legal everywhere? Why do you need to know this.
  • Multi-family properties vs single-family when you’re just starting out; how do you decide if one is better for a new investor?
  • Double closings
  • The benefits of having a real estate attorney that is also an investor
  • True or false: you need a large portfolio of properties before hiring a property manager
  • The number of paid off properties you need to retire comfortably no matter what your age


Final Thoughts

I hope I helped clarify these six common real estate investing myths that so many investors have.

The single most important thing when it comes to building a profitable real estate investing business is taking action.  No amount of study, seminars or courses will do you any good unless you turn that knowledge into action.

I will be talking about this more as we go through the next 30 days, but I would encourage you to spend some time to put together a plan for moving your business forward in the next 12 months.


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