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Today's reader question was about whether or not to contact probate attorneys to inquire about an estate when you don't have the property address. This particular person had found a listing for a probate case, but there was no address listed. I'm not sure how she came by that information, but I'm just going to run with the question.

Let me start out by saying I have never found probate attorneys to be particularly helpful to investors.  They are good at handling estates, however they really don't understand our business. They almost always advise those folks to list the property for the full value listed on the tax assessor's site. That's a great idea if it's in good enough condition to do that.

However, it's been my experience that these attorneys have little knowledge of what a distressed property will actually sell for. More often than not, the value is no where near what they think it's worth.

Should You Contact Probate Attorneys?

The question of whether or not investors should contact probate attorneys if they don't have the property address is ultimately up to the investor.  My feeling is that the attorney will view that as a lack of due diligence on your part and will be less likely to help you.

My recommendation is to try to find out how you can get the information you need.  I can promise you that it is available somewhere. You just have to figure that piece out.  Here is a quick video on the subject so check it out.


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