Developing and Protecting Your “Expert Status”


Everyone knows that building a name for yourself in business and in your particular niche takes time.  In fact it almost always takes a lot of hard work and a lot of time.

It really doesn't matter if you are a landlord, a wholesaler or you have chosen another strategy for your real estate business. If you want to become the “go to person” in your niche, you have to develop your “expert” status. If someone is looking to buy or sell a property, you want your name to be the one that comes to mind. Later down the road if you decide to move into product creation, teaching or coaching other people, being know as an expert is absolutely essential.

But what takes so long to build can be lost quickly with a few mis-steps.

In this article you will learn some ….

  • Some concrete steps that you can take become the “go to” expert in your industry.
  • 3 Ways to “strut your stuff”
  • The Importance of Protecting Your Expert Status
  • 3 things to avoid when faced with strong growth in your business


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