Cash buyersReal estate investors (especially wholesalers) can never have too many cash buyers. In fact, you should always be building your buyers list. Most of the time when you have a smoking hot deal you can just go right to that coveted list and find a buyer.

But what do you do when you have a house under contract and no one on your regular buyer's list wants this particular property because it just doesn't fit their buying criteria?  Where can you quickly find a cash buyer?


I Have a Solution for You!

They are hidden in plain sight. You can find them on the tax assessor's site. There is a wealth of information on this site, but one of those hidden treasures is a whole bunch of cash buyers.  Several times over the years, I have put a house under contract that my regular cash buyers didn't want, and I would need to find a buyer another way.

You could market the house on Craig's List or one of a number of other ways. I can tell you this strategy is great for finding folks that already own property right in the area your house is located in.


How to Use Your Tax Assessor’s Site to Find Cash Buyers

Normally I would pull out a map and look at the streets about 2-3 blocks in every direction. But in this case when I first looked up the street “Lincoln”, I only needed to look on this particular street since there were so many owners that were obviously investors. I had a list of potential investor buyers in less than 30 minutes.

I sat down and printed off some oversized postcards and got them in the mail the same day. I used oversized cards to make them stand-out from the rest of their mail, and using colored card stock made them stand out even more. I sold the house in a matter of days and had another quick closing.


Here's a Video to Walk You Through the Process


Do you have other creative ways to find cash buyers? 


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