wholesaling business on a shoestring budget


Build a Wholesaling Business on a Shoestring Budget with Nathan Payne – Episode #436

If you think it's impossible to build a wholesaling business on a shoestring, you'll want to listen to this show today. Nathan Payne will show you how he did it with little to no money and then grew that business through effective marketing. He'll do a deep dive into all the marketing channels he's tried and tell you what worked for him in today's market.


[00:00 – 07:37] From Door Knocking to Wholesaling: Finding Success in Real Estate Investing

  • Nathan Payne is a real estate investor, mentor, and wholesaler with cash buyers in every state
  • He and his wife quit their jobs and started a business without money for leads or prior experience.
  • Today, Nathan leverages his network to do deals through other wholesalers without spending money on marketing
  • He also does deals on the MLS and is aiming to do less deals but more profitable deals


[07:38 – 13:34] Payneless Wholesaling with Real Estate Investor

  • Building relationships with top buyers in the market is vital to successful wholesaling
  • Establishing “buy boxes” and being generous with information helps build a community
  • Knowing your numbers is essential to maintain trust with buyers
  • Payneless wholesaling involves leveraging the experience of local mentors and buyers to make offers
  • Wholesalers should not just lock up any property without knowing who will buy it


[13:35 – 20:20] How to Get Deals and Build Trust in the Wholesaling Business

  • How Nathan started finding deals and using sales skills to make it out
  • The biggest challenge was marketing and not understanding the importance of the second half of the business
  • Building systems and building a business is key
  • Focus on spread in deals to increase income


[20:21 – 24:34] Standing Out Amidst the Competition

  • Stand out by being responsive and showing you are a legit business that can perform
  • Shortcuts will never benefit you


[24:35 – 27:45] Closing Segment





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