Brittany Bolling – From 0 to 25 Real Estate Deals in Less than 2 Years – Podcast Episode #48

March 10, 2015 in Podcasts, Successful Women in REI have a great podcast for you today.    My guest is Brittany Bolling from Baltimore, MD.  Brittany is a wife, a busy mom, and a young business woman that has completely changed her thinking and her business the past two years.

She has had some big challenges. Brittany actually quit real estate and started over several times, but she has finally found the formula for success that works for her.  This is the thing I want you to really understand; you have to figure out what works for you.  This is also the beauty of being an entrepreneur. You get to design a lifestyle business that meets your needs today.

How does a young mother of two go from 0 to closing 25 real estate deals in a short period of time?    You are about to find out. This podcast is inspiring and really puts “generational” thinking into a whole new perspective. Read the rest of this entry →