The Entrepreneurial Mindset with Trevor Mauch – Podcast Episode #43

January 26, 2015 in Mindset, Podcasts

real estate investingToday is the first podcast in my brand new series on  “entrepreneurship” that I am doing with my friend and serial entrepreneur Trevor Mauch.

Trevor is  the founder of Investor Carrot a company that creates real estate websites for investors.   (Everyone knows these are a favorite of mine).

When Trevor brought up the idea of doing a series of podcasts on entrepreneurship I was completely on board with that idea, because it is one of my favorite topics.  We both love being an entrepreneur!

Folks that have known me for a while, know that in the summer I take my granddaughter to closings with me. She has been there enough times that they know her name. I will also admit that I have taken her with me to look at property on occasion.

Now you're probably thinking that I am encouraging her to be a real estate investor.  While I think that is a great idea, what I really hope to accomplish here is to open her eyes to the world of entrepreneurship.  I want her to know that it is OK if she ultimately has a career that involves getting a “real” job, but that's not the only path she can take.  While I'm confessing things that love to do with her, I have to tell you she's also quite good at telling when a presenter has “blown it” on Shark Tank.

Be on the lookout for more shows on entrepreneurship.   You can check this one out ….

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Show Notes – The Entrepreneurial Mindset

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