real estate investingToday is the first podcast in my brand new series on  “entrepreneurship” that I am doing with my friend and serial entrepreneur Trevor Mauch.

Trevor is  the founder of Investor Carrot a company that creates real estate websites for investors.   (Everyone knows these are a favorite of mine).

When Trevor brought up the idea of doing a series of podcasts on entrepreneurship I was completely on board with that idea, because it is one of my favorite topics.  We both love being an entrepreneur!

Folks that have known me for a while, know that in the summer I take my granddaughter to closings with me. She has been there enough times that they know her name. I will also admit that I have taken her with me to look at property on occasion.

Now you're probably thinking that I am encouraging her to be a real estate investor.  While I think that is a great idea, what I really hope to accomplish here is to open her eyes to the world of entrepreneurship.  I want her to know that it is OK if she ultimately has a career that involves getting a “real” job, but that's not the only path she can take.  While I'm confessing things that love to do with her, I have to tell you she's also quite good at telling when a presenter has “blown it” on Shark Tank.

Be on the lookout for more shows on entrepreneurship.   You can check this one out ….

Why Productivity Hacks Don't Work and How to Be Truly “Productive”, Effective, and Energized by what you do.


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Show Notes – The Entrepreneurial Mindset

One of the hardest obstacles for any entrepreneur to overcome is their mindset,  yet the entrepreneurial mindset is often completely overlooked.  We learn about all the other aspects of running a business.  The truth of the matter is, it can be quite a roller coaster where your emotions are concerned when you have a business.  Learning to manage your mindset is so critical to your success, yet this is a topic that is often overlooked.

In this podcast-

Here are just some of the topics we talked about in this podcast.

  • What is the entrepreneurial mindset?
  • Determining whether this is the life you want to live, and whether you are you on the right track
  • Building an entrepreneurial culture; what qualifies someone as being an entrepreneur?
  • Mindset shifts
  • Breaking through the walls that hold us back
  • Actionable steps that can help manage those inevitable ups and downs that go along with this wonderful ride called “entrepreneurship'
  • You will learn tips and tools to use in your business
  • Tips for creating a business rather than creating a job for yourself
  • Looking for your purpose; ask a different question
  • Life events; how these change your mindset
  • Narrowing you focus to achieve extraordinary results
  • Can anyone be an entrepreneur?
  • What you can do if your family isn't “on board” with your entrepreneurial dreams and so much more.


Resources Mentioned in this Podcast


  • Double Your Income Doing What You Love By Raymond Aaron
  • The One Thing By Gary Keller

Learn More about Carrot Websites

There is no getting around it; you MUST have a website for your real estate investing business. If you don't already have one or if you have one that is just sitting there “looking pretty” and not generating any leads, you owe it to yourself to check out Carrot.  I use these in my business so I recommend them without hesitation.

You Can Listen to the Podcast Here 

Part 1:

[podcast title=”The Entrepreneurial Mindset with Trevor Mauch Part 1″][/podcast]

Part 2:[podcast title=”The Entrepreneurial Mindset with Trevor Mauch Part 2″][/podcast]


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Final Thoughts….




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