what does your investing strategy have to do with your marketing strategy

Attract leads like a magnet!

When it comes to choosing your marketing strategy for your business, you might be wondering. “What does your investing strategy have to do with choosing your marketing strategy”?

Well, the answer is “a lot more than you think”.  In fact the two are very tightly entwined. If you want to be able to attract the right kind of leads, you need to tailor your marketing to that particular audience.

Your investing strategy determines what types of properties you will target. For instance if you are a rehabber will be looking for a different type of property than a buy and hold lease option investor.  They will be looking for pretty houses where you will be looking for fixer uppers.

This means you will need a whole different way of marketing to each type of motivated seller.  You will need different lead generation strategies and in many cases completely different mail pieces.

I have made a short video to help explain why it’s so important for these two things to mesh up.


Here Is a Short Video for You



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