Sharon Vornholt and Bill Walston Lease Options Well today is the day we're going to dive into lease options. This is episode #3 of “Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing” and today’s guest is my friend and colleague Bill Walston.

Bill is a business and tax strategist as well as a full time real estate investor, a mentor and a coach. He is dedicated to helping people build their businesses and to live a tax deductible lifestyle. In today’s podcast we are going to talk about lease options, master lease options and exactly how you can buy apartment buildings using little or none of your own money down. Talk about valuable information!



Show Notes:

Here are just a few of the things we cover in this podcast:

  • Why Bill chose lease options as his investing strategy, and why he likes this niche so much
  • He will clear up the confusion about the two parts of this process – the lease and the option
  • Exactly what the “MLO” or master lease option method of investing is; yes anyone can do it
  • Why he prefers multi-family properties over single family properties
  • How he finds his deals
  • What types of marketing he does
  • How he managed to purchase over 30 properties in just a few short years
  • Exit strategies and how he decides whether or not he will exercise his option at the end of the term
  • Bill also answers the question that so many folks want to know.  “Can a beginner successfully do lease options”?


Episode #3 – Bill Walston

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