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Today's reader question was one that I can honestly say I've never gotten before.  The question was, “Can a financial planner profit from probate investing”?  He was wondering if he could profit specifically as a financial planner. I had to tell him that I thought he was a little late to the game where that was concerned.



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The Top 10 Questions I'm Asked about Probate Investing

I get a lot of questions about probate investing. As you know, probate investing is one of my favorite topics.  I love that niche because the sellers are almost always going to sell the property.  The only real question is will they list it or sell it to an investor?

That answer will be different depending on the market.  Today we are right in the middle of a seller's market. What that means for anyone doing probate investing is that there will be less inventory; fewer homes for sale.  You can list just about any type of property today on the MLS and sell it in today's market.

Now when it's a buyer's market and there is an abundance of houses already on the market, it's a whole different story.  When there are more houses than buyers, investors or all types will be able to buy deeply discounted property every day of the week. Thinking back to 2007-2009, everything was on sale. The investors that had cash available to them made a whole lot of money.

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What's the Lesson Here?

Real estate is a business that has definite cycles.  There will no doubt be another down market.  No one really knows when that will be. To prepare for that time, put aside some cash.  More investors get wealthy in those times (a buyer's market) than at any other time.


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