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I'm happy to have my friend Trevor Mauch the founder of Investor Carrot back for another podcast in our ongoing series on entrepreneurship”.   Today's show is all about how to create a co-working space that is more than just an office; more than just a place to work.  It's all about having a great place to work and create a culture at the same time.

A friend of mine mentioned one day that she would love to create a co-working space where she lives; a place where other young entrepreneurs could work, hang out, network and learn from each other.

Working moms have unique challenges when it comes to their entrepreneurial dreams and the reality and the challenges of their day to day life. I  might add that co-working spaces are a great way to get referrals in for your own business.


Show Notes

This show is full of tips on how to successfully create a co-working space for your business.  Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • The importance of being intentional about the types of people you want in your co-working space
  • How Trevor got an 8000 sf space for $200 a month
  • How to structure your own creative MLO deal on a property
  • The importance of building a community in your co-working space
  • Turning tenants into consulting customers
  • The physical set up of his co-working space
  • How to have a “rent free” space for your team and still

You Can Listen to the Podcast Here

[podcast title=”Creating a Coworking Space with Trevor Mauch”][/podcast]


Trevor's Loft Co-working  Space

Would you like a tour of the co-working space Trevor has created?  Just CLICK HERE to take a tour.


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Meet Trevor Mauch

Trevor Mauch - Investor Carrot - OncarrotMost of you know Trevor as the founder of Investor Carrot.  What many of you might not know is that Trevor is a husband, he has 3 small children, he has already built several million dollar businesses.

He is also just an awesome entrepreneur that has the same struggles as everyone else. If you want to grow your business the next 12 months and overcome some of your own challenges, he’s one of the folks you should be paying attention to.



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