real estate investing podcastToday's short podcast (about 15 minutes) is on how to quickly screen sellers on the telephone and get all the relevant property information. This is a skill anyone can develop, and it will save you countless hours down the road.

When you're just starting out it's great practice to look at every house.  However as your business grows, you will realize you need to be a little more strategic with your time. Being able to quickly screen sellers on the telephone will help you do more deals ultimately as you only focus on high quality leads.


Getting the Right Information to Make an Informed Decision

I learned pretty quickly in this business, that winging it on the telephone really doesn't work well.  You need to have procedure that you use every time for talking to sellers otherwise you forget to ask them important questions. The last thing you want to do is arrive at the property and not be prepared.  Even worse is having to call them back to ask about things you failed to ask in the initial conversation.

Developing procedures, using forms, and building systems in your business will ultimately make you a better investor with a more profitable business.


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