Joe FairlessMy guest today is  New Yorker Joe Fairless of Fairless Investing.  I was really looking forward to this podcast because I get one question over and over again;  “How do I go from investing in single family home, to investing in apartments?

I personally have seen a lot of real estate investors that made this leap from one to the other seamlessly.  I have also seen folks that experienced disastrous results when going from single family to commercial investing. So today we will just ask someone that has done it successfully.


Show Notes

  • Joe's background and how he got started investing in real estate
  • Starting out with single family homes
  • What made Joe decide to switch from single family homes to apartment buildings
  • Joe’s first commercial deal; a 168 unit apartment building
  • The huge part relationships play in his business
  • Raising over a million dollars for his first commercial deal
  • The importance of learning creative financing techniques
  • The valuation process for commercial real estate
  • Why mentors are critical since you are “playing in a bigger sandbox”
  • Why coming to the table with credibility is critical for your business
  • Marketing
  • Where he found his last deal
  • Gearing up for his next (even bigger) deal
  • Joe’s best advice for someone wanting to make the switch from residential to commercial investing
  • Books that had a great influence on his life


Resources Mentioned in this Show

Books that made a difference in Joe's life –

  • The Road Less Traveled
  • Crucial Conversations


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