Keeping Business and Personal Accounts Separate

I ran into an acquaintance the other day that I hadn't seen in quite a while, and we decided to have a quick cup of coffee and do some catching up. I knew that she had started a business a couple of years ago and I was anxious to hear about it.

After a while she said she needed to run to the bank. In the same sentence she said that “she really needed to set up a separate bank account for her business” when she had time. I really couldn't believe what I was hearing.  I asked her if she was depositing her receipts from her business  into her personal account and she confirmed that she was.  I told her that she needed to have a separate account, and I asked her if that wasn't a problem when it came time to file her taxes. She finally admitted that it did indeed cause a problem at the end of the year when “she did her taxes”.

Boy, is that ever a recipe for disaster!  For most of us, it would just seem to be “common sense” to have separate personal and business bank accounts.  Apparently that isn't the case for everyone. Today's post goes over the reasons you should keep your business and personal bank accounts separate.

You can read about it here….


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