bottom feederSome of you may remember a post I did last May called “Mr. Bottom Feeder”. I was marketing to this seller as part of my absentee owner mailings for a few months when he finally gave me a call.

He said he had owned this house since 1985 but had never been in it, had never done any repairs or updates, and he wasn't coming down on his (unreasonable) price.

He then told me “his terms”. As you can imagine, “his terms” were pretty unrealistic.  His last words to me before hanging up (which was just before I threw his property information sheet in the trash) were “and I'm not dealing with any bottom feeders”. The conversation was actually quite comical in hindsight.


You Don't Say

An update; Mr. Bottom Feeder called again today, and he was considerably nicer.

This time he's blaming his daughter for leaving him stuck with this one property in my city.  On the surface he seems like he's more motivated to sell.  The last time he called refused to put me in touch with the property manager. He still won't tell me his name, but he is contacting him to see if there is a lock box on the house so I can take a look. I'm still not sure just how motivated he is, but he is definitely more motivated than the last time we spoke. Once again, this is the power of regular direct mail campaigns.

If you want a chuckle, you can read the last post by clicking here:

Final Update

He's still demanding an unreasonable price, and he's still a jerk!  Next!

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