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How Real Estate Investors Can Find Off-Market Properties in 2023 – Episode #416

Off-market properties have always been my #1 source of leads. In today’s episode, I’ll show you how real estate investors can easily find off-market properties in 2023. As a bonus, at the end of this show, I will tell you how you can get copies of my proven probate letter and my absentee owner letter. Both letters work exceptionally well when marketing to these folks.

First of all…

What exactly is an off-market property? How do you find them? And what’s in it for the seller since they typically take a discount when selling directly to a real estate investor?

Listen in, and I’ll tell you why I believe all real estate investors should be working with off-market properties.


[00:01 – 04:26] Opening Segment

  • Off-market properties are not listed on the MLS and offer privacy for sellers
  • Probates and distressed properties are often sold off-market
    • How off-market sales can save sellers from paying agent commissions
  • Investors can find off-market properties through various circumstances and situations


[04:27 – 09:05] The Benefits of Working with Off-Market Properties

  • Benefits of working with off-market properties
    • Less competition, direct communication with sellers, and creative financing options
  • Flexibility in meeting the seller's special needs
  • Why Sharon's favorite way to find off-market properties is through direct mail marketing


[09:06 – 13:23] Ways to Find Properties for Real Estate Investment

  • Lists of properties can be found online for free or purchased through list brokers
  • What can lead to finding properties and potential seller financing opportunities
  • Foreclosure auctions offer a chance to bid on properties, but not all are sold during the process
  • Real estate agents and brokers have access to pocket listings and valuable information


[13:24 – 17:45] Strategies for Finding Lucrative Off-Market Properties

  • Driving for dollars involves driving with a plan to identify distressed properties
  • Local websites can provide information on code violations and pre-foreclosures
  • Off-market properties offer lucrative deals and the opportunity to negotiate with sellers
  • Marketing and branding yourself are important in selling yourself as a buyer


[17:46 – 19:17] Closing Segment

  • Off-market properties are not always about money
  • Free probate and absentee owner letters available


Resources Mentioned:


Probate Letter

 AO Letter


Key Quotes:


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