Overview of Marketing to Probates

Overview of Marketing to Probates

Today's show is last part in my 4 part series on probate investing, and the topic is a quick overview of marketing to probates.  This is an important part of the process when it comes to making money in this very lucrative real estate investing niche.  Marketing is an integral part of any investing strategy, but it's especially important with probates. People have to know about you (marketing) before than can choose YOU to work with (branding).


The Opportunity

Since probates are off market deals that means you have a huge opportunity to help this particular group of motivated sellers.  These folks have a problem. They have inherited a property (sometimes multiple properties), and in most cases they don't want the property.

They just want to sell the house, get the cash and move on with their lives.  This quick overview of marketing to probates will help get you started.

One thing you need to get really clear on is that these folks will decide to sell the house when they are emotionally ready to move forward. Some of the heirs will open the estate quickly, but for others it will take a while before they're ready.  Setting up a direct mail campaign is particularly effective for probates, because by nature they are designed to be nurturing and give folks a “gentle nudge”. The message in all of your direct mail campaigns should be, “I'll be here when you are ready to move forward”. You want these folks to know that you understand they may not yet be ready to sell the property.


Quick Overview of Marketing to Probates

You need understand HOW to market to them such as:

  • Certain mail pieces work better
  • Knowing when to mail to these folks is important
  • How long do you mail to probates
  • And… more tips.


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