Quickly Analyzing An Investment Property

Quickly Analyzing An Investment Property

There is definitely a learning curve involved when it comes to making offers on property.  It can be a scary process especially when you are brand new real estate investor. So are there any shortcuts? I don't think there are.

Before you actually make an offer to on any property you need to be sure about your numbers; you need to know that you aren't setting yourself up today to lose money in the future.

But I do think there are ways to quickly analyze any property to see if you want to proceed with doing an in-depth analysis. You can use this same procedure whether it is a single family house or a multi family property.


Doing a Quick Analysis 

All seasoned investors have tricks and tools they use in their real estate business on a regular basis. These very same tricks and tools help us to be more efficient in our businesses. I came across a short video my friend Brandon Turner shot for an article he wrote on BiggerPockets. This video shows just how he does a quick analysis on any property in around 5 minutes. It was such a great tip, I wanted to share it with you today.


Here is the link to the video. Check it out.  


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