I love working with absentee owners. They are one of my favorite groups of motivated sellers. I can't tell you that I made a million dollars in this niche, but I can tell you that I consistently did enough deals to pay for my marketing year after year.

Folks often think it's not going to be difficult to manage an out of state property. However, owning a property in another state can be a huge hassle for those folks. Many times they hold onto the property simply because they feel like it will just be too much trouble to sell the property. They don't really want it, but they are “comfortable”…until they aren't.


Time and Circumstances

Time and circumstances are almost always the reason an absentee owner decides to sell the property.  Something changed in their life. More likely than not it was something financial in nature that moved them from not being motivated at all to sell the property, to someone that is a motivated seller.


The Question

Today's reader question is on how you do a closing with absentee owners. Do they have to come back to the city where the property is located for the closing?

The answer is. no, they don't which makes it a whole lot easier when you work with these folks.  The closing documents can be sent to the seller by overnight mail for them to sign. One thing they need to remember is that those documents will need to be signed in front of a notary.


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