Rock Your Marketing

Rocking Your Marketing

Over the next few of months I’ll talking a lot about 2 things that I am passionate about; marketing and branding. These happen to be the same 2 things that will make you stand out in your market place.  Today, I'm going to begin this series with REI Marketing Mastery; 6 Tips for Rocking Your Marketing.

It really isn’t a secret that if you aren’t marketing your business, it’s dying a slow death whether you know it or not.

Sure, you may get a few deals here and there if you have folks bringing you deals.  But even that pipeline will dry up over time if you don’t build a name for yourself.  You see, marketing and branding go hand in hand and it’s up to you to connect these two things.


6 Tips for Rocking Your Marketing

  1. Start to build your brand right from the beginning
  2. Choose 4 to 5 marketing strategies to focus on initially
  3. Create a marketing plan for your business
  4. Set up ongoing marketing campaigns
  5. Develop a plan of action for the implementation of your marketing campaigns
  6. Get known in your marketplace; brand yourself

OK.  Let's take these one by one.

Build your Brand

When it comes to marketing your business, people have to know who you are to trust you.  One of the biggest6 Tips for Rocking Your Marketing mistakes I made in the beginning was failing to focus on building my brand right from the beginning.

Why is that?

Because, marketing is all about how you are perceived in your marketplace.  You must have that know, like and trust factor to succeed in any business. Before people get to the “like and trust” factors, they have to know you exist.


Choose Your Marketing Strategies

There are a lot of people that will tell you to only focus on one strategy in the beginning like direct mail.

Everyone knows I am a huge fan of direct mail. However, the simple truth is that you need 4-5 different marketing strategies or lead channels to keep your pipeline full of deals. If one source dries up, then you have other avenues for lead generation.

Here is another tip for you. When it comes to marketing, you either have to spend your time or your money. There is always a cost.

It’s also good to have a mix of things.  Plan to implement some strategies that are free and some that aren’t.  If you’re short on money, you can always spend your time and focus on more labor intensive strategies.  If you have cash on hand but little extra time, then invest your cash in marketing.


You Need a Marketing Plan

I would go so far as to say that not having a marketing plan is just like taking a cross country trip with no directions.  You might get there, but I can almost guarantee it will be painful. Why do it the hard way?REI Marketing Mastery; 6 Tips for Rocking Your Marketing

Marketing Campaigns – Why You Need Them

You can’t have a slingshot approach to marketing. It simply doesn’t work to throw something out there every once in a while and see what sticks.

You need also need a plan or a system for implementing your marketing activities or they will never get done. That leads us to the next topic. Implementation.


Implementing Your Marketing Campaigns

Really rocking your marketing hinges on implementing your well crafted marketing plan.

There are a lot of fancy systems you can use, but a big wall calendar works perfectly for this.  What’s the secret to that; to using a great big wall calendar?

You have to look at it every day so it’s easy to stay on track.


Get Known in Your Marketplace

This is probably one of the biggest game changers of all.  It all goes back to being memorable. When you are memorable and you have a recognizable brand, business will find you. Not only that, every type of marketing you do will be more effective.  Guaranteed!


REI Marketing Mastery

Let me ask you this …

What’s been holding you back from closing more deals and making more money? From really rocking your marketing?

Are you ready to finally get your own personalized Marketing Plan done?

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Here are Some Statistics for You

Most investors, if they are marketing at all, aren't consistent. They don't have any systems for getting it done.  Just showing up at this seminar and implementing your marketing plan will put you miles ahead of your competitors.

Think about this for a minute:

  • 48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect
  • 25% of sales people make a second contact and stop
  • Only 12% of sales people make more than three contacts

Doesn't that leave the door wide open for YOU?


Numbers and Statistics Aren't Always Sexy but Results Are

There is solid math for why you need ongoing direct mail campaigns.  Just CLICK HERE to read that article.


If you want to schedule a 1 on 1 call with me to talk about specific strategies for building your brand and creating more effective marketing for your business, you do that here by clicking this link.

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