Small Business Survival

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are generally focused on growing a profitable business. However, during times of crisis, our focus has to pivot to the survival of our small business. Forget business growth; survival is the name of the game.
My guest today is my Australian friend, Alison Vidotto. Alison knows a lot about small business survival during times of crisis having experienced this several times herself during her career. Alison and her husband have 2 businesses. Listen in as she tells you how she managed to save her business when things looked like they might lose everything.

Alison is the CEO of Vidotto Group & Push Training. She is a business mentor and strategist, a professional speaker, and a published author. Alison is also the founder of the Australian Children of Vietnam and the mother of six.

Show Notes

  • How Alison went from education to the CEO of her business
  • Successfully leading her companies through multiple national disasters
  • What she has to say about small business survival especially for those experiencing a crisis for the first time
  • The Stockdale Paradox
  • Tips for time management when you have lost your focus, and you are working from home rather than an office
  • Why you should continue marketing during this crisis, and what will happen if you don’t
  • Actionable tips for surviving this crisis
  • How people can stay motivated when they are worried about the future
  • Doing the “hard stuff” even when you don’t want to
  • How setting out to help one person became the Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam
  • Final advice for small business survival during Covid-19 or any other crisis


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Small Business SurvivalAlison Vidotto is the CEO of Vidotto Group and Push! training, business strategist & business mentor, published author, professional speaker, founder of the Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam (ACCV), and a mother of six. Alison’s goal is to help other small business owners to realize long term success through business training and mentoring.

Alison speaks passionately on a range of topics based on real-life experience; running a small business, business training programs and her award-winning book; 22 Leadership Fundamentals-The Door to Success says Push!

Alison Vidotto

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