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My guest today is New Jersey real estate investor, Liz Faircloth.  Liz and her husband Matt are full-time investors. They are experts in apartments, commercial properties, syndication and raising private money. Even though they have grown a large portfolio of properties, they started out just like everyone else; one property at a time.  The first property they bought just happened to be a duplex.

Liz’s story about how they got started is very interesting. For anyone sitting on the sidelines wondering how someone goes from buying their first property to building a successful multi-family business (while having a couple of children along the way), you’re not going to want to miss this story.

This is a family business where they’ve had great success, but they’ve faced the same challenges and learning experiences as every other investor has.


Show Notes

Here are just a few of the things we talked about in this show:

  • Getting started in this business. It all began with a book…
  • Why they chose real estate investing
  • How they decided who would leave their corporate job first
  • Why they chose multi-family and commercial properties over single-family properties
  • Their first deal; where they found it and how they financed it
  • Where they find their deals
  • Flips and wholesales
  • Raising private money; lenders or equity partners?
  • Structuring private money deals
  • Investing out of state
  • Why relationships are key to success in this business
  • How Liz gets it all done with 2 children
  • Do they have a vision for what their perfect lifestyle looks likes down the road combining family and their growing business?


Final Thoughts

Most entrepreneurs would agree that it’s hard to find a balance between work and family in any business. Real estate investing certainly has its’ challenges, but it also has so many opportunities when it comes to flexibility for working moms.  I would go so far as to say it’s a perfect business for women.  In real estate investing, it’s not just a man’s world!

Thanks so much to Liz Faircloth for this inspiring interview.



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About Liz

Multi-familyLiz Faircloth began her investing career with the purchase of a duplex with a $30,000 loan outside of Philadelphia. After selling this duplex and moving to New Jersey, she co-founded the DeRosa Group with her husband, Matt Faircloth, in 2005. They have since grown the company which is based in Trenton NJ to controlling over 700 units of residential and commercial assets throughout the east coast.

As chief advisor with DeRosa, she has helped build their portfolio to owning and managing apartment buildings, multifamily, mixed-use buildings, and commercial buildings in various sections of the East Coast. On the personal side, Liz comes from a spirited Italian family, is blessed with amazing friends and the mom of two adorable young children. She is an avid runner and has a passion of giving back to her community.

Be sure to check out her podcast, The Real Estate InvestHER Show”.  The Real Estate InvestHER Show is a weekly podcast dedicated to providing support, education and a community to women real estate investors.

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