Moving Tips

Moving is a stressful time for any family, no matter what you do. However, it is possible to make it less so if you attend to it in an organized manner. Along with that, starting early is also a plus. The first priority of moving has to be making sure that your things get to their destination on time and safe.


Early Planning Is A Must

Early planning for any move should include setting up a budget and working within that budget to get everything done. An early start can also allow you to adjust the budget and add something to it if you find that you need do that.

Most people have family or friends who have gone through a recent move, and they can be your best resources for advice about moving in your area. They will also be able to advise you on which moving company will give you the best service. In many cases you can find information about local services online as well.

In addition to that, picking up brochures from local or national companies will give you a better picture of what is involved with moving. Make sure to request quotes as well, but no matter how attractive it may be, avoid choosing the company that will be in charge of moving your possessions strictly on cost alone. The Realtor you select to find your new home can also provide you with some helpful tips on moving, and your local post office may even have information you can use.


Helpful Moving Tips

• If you want to find a way to enjoy your move, here are some helpful moving tips that can take the stress out of your move.

• Begin going through your things as soon as you know you will be moving and set aside those things you cannot live without. Have a garage sale to get rid of things you do not need or have duplicates of. Giving some away to charity will give you a sense of pleasure as well. If your move is sudden you may not have this luxury, so do this routinely anyway throughout the year.

• If you plan to pack up your belongings it will save some money, but this should only be considered if you have the benefit of time on your side. If the company you are working for is paying for this move, why not allow the movers to take this job off your hands.

• If you have pets, make sure to plan how they will be cared for during what can be a very distressing time for them. A pet sitter may be the answer and family or friends may be willing to take care of them until you are ready to locate them. Another option may be to board them with a local kennel or your vet.

Taking the time to plan for your move is the most important thing you can do to reduce your stress level during this trying time. You should be educating yourself well in advance if you can as to how to do this effectively.


Thanks to Charles Moore of for this very informative guest post. Charles has written many articles on moving and home organization. Be sure to stop by his site for additional tips on how you can make your next move “stress free”.


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