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What’s the secret to choosing your investing strategy? If you ask a dozen investors, you’ll most likely get a dozen answers. My guest today is Phoenix investor Marcus Maloney, and he has done it all  including single family, multi-family and commercial investing.  Does he have a favorite investing strategy?  He does!  However, when it came to choosing his favorite investing strategy, it took a little while. Like a lot of investors, he tried different strategies.

Marcus has completed over 3.3 million in wholesale transactions, but he is a buy and hold investor at heart. He follows the BRRR strategy of buy, rehab, rent and refinance. Marcus has purchased commercial property as well including a school. You’re also going to learn about his passion project in this show.

Marcus is really good at turning marginal profits into a significant equity position.  He is a mentor to many investors, a licensed real estate agent in Phoenix Arizona, and he has a new podcast which I'll tell you about a little later.


Show Notes

Here are a few of the things in this show:

  • How a high school drop-out gets an MBA and builds a successful real estate investing business
  • Which strategies Marcus started out with, and why he chose the strategies he invests in today
  • Whether he prefers single family homes or multifamily properties today, and the pros and cons of each one
  • Investing out of state; is it a good idea or a bad idea?
  • Why he invests in two very different areas; Chicago and Phoenix
  • Whether he thinks it’s an advantage or a disadvantage for investors to have a real estate license (and why)
  • His advice for folks that want to be both an investor and a real estate agent
  • His final advice do you have folks that want to start or grow their REI business

Here's Your Video  –  Tips for Choosing Your Investing Strategy

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About Marcus

Marcus MaloneyMarcus Maloney is a value investor and portfolio holder of residential and commercial units. Marcus has been named the Equity King for his impressive ability to find real estate opportunities with massive amounts of equity.   Marcus, a high school dropout went from GED to completing his MBA in 2011 from Olivet Nazarene University. Although his education has a major impact on his investment philosophy, the real impact came from his upbringing.

He grew up on a 59-acre farm 45 minutes south of Chicago with big dreams. His parents began flipping homes when he was 12 years old, and the boys I the family had the responsibility of helping with these projects.   Fast forward today, and Marcus is a licensed real estate agent, he has completed over 3.3 million in wholesale transactions, and he is also a successful buy and hold investor.

Be sure to check out his blog, Equity Real Estate Blog and his new podcast called We Love Equity Real Estate Show.  You can also find Marcus Maloney on all the social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.


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