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Wholesaling houses the right way has always been a big topic of discussion among investors.  I love wholesaling because it's a quick way to make chunks of cash.

I think everyone should add wholesaling to their business no matter what their primary investing strategy is. You can pay down your rentals faster if you are a buy and hold landlord, and if you are a rehabber those chunks of cash can build you a nice cushion for your rehabbing business.

Recently Danny Johnson asked me to be on his brand new podcast and talk about wholesaling houses, double closings and a whole lot more.

Danny has an awesome rehabbing business.  He also has a great blog called “Flipping Junkie” and as I said, he has a brand new podcast called the “Flipping Junkie Podcast”.

Some of the things we talked about were:


  • Double closings
  • Why I prefer double closings over assignments
  • How to build a cash buyer's list
  • Why you don't need dozens of cash buyers if you have the right buyers on your list
  • How to guarantee your buyer's don't back out
  • Marketing
  • Real estate niches
  • And… so much more

I Have a Favor to Ask

Please do Danny a favor and head on over to iTunes and give his new podcast a rating.  If you have any comments or questions on wholesaling houses, marketing or anything else you can leave them below.  Thanks in advance for listening!


You can listen on the blog by clicking on this link….
You can also listen on iTunes or Stitcher. 


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