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12 Reasons Why Content Marketing Matters to Your Bottom Line

Today I’m going to explore exactly what content marketing is, and why it matters to your bottom line.  And make no mistake, it matters. Getting leads in the door is all about doing a few things consistently and those are marketing and building brand awareness. Everyone is familiar with marketing. Today I want to help you understand how building brand awareness through content marketing actually puts dollars in your pocket for years to come.  I know this is a concept that can be difficult for some real estate investors to wrap their brain around.

Remember, that you aren’t really in the house business; you are in the marketing and problem-solving business.


Your Customers are Telling You What they Want

According to the Moz blog, more than 50% of consumers say that offering free content is an effective way to earn their business. What that tells us is that people expect industry leaders to create free content and other resources like checklists, eBook’s, videos etc. that they can consume. What form your content is in, isn’t really the main concern. However, video is a great entry point for most real estate investors.


Onsite Content VS Offsite Content

So, what’s the difference?

Onsite content brings people back to your site.  It’s the backbone of your online presence. Onsite content also helps organic traffic find you.

Think of it this way: When a seller is up in the middle of the night desperately searching the web for a solution to their problem, you want them to find your content on your website so that they turn into a lead for your business.

Offsite content has a similar purpose, and that is to drive traffic back to your website.  The difference is that with offsite content you are exposed to new audiences and you are using their platforms to accomplish this.  Your goal is not only to get exposure to that audience, but you want an opportunity for a backlink to your website by offering some type of freebie.

Some ways you can do this is by being a guest on a podcast, writing an article, doing a training, or possibly speaking at your local REIA.


Here’s My Best Tip

When it comes to content marketing, don’t do it for your bottom line. Do it to strengthen your authority, your brand and the trust people have in you. That is what will affect your bottom line over time.  Your ability to be seen as the expert in your field by creating free content is something that is hard to put a price on.


Show Notes

Here are some of the reasons you must add content marketing to your marketing plan if your business is going to survive over time.

  1. Content marketing builds your brand fast.
  2. It builds trust, authority, and it educates people on how you are uniquely qualified to solve their problem.
  3. Integrating content marketing into your overall marketing strategy builds confidence with sellers that you are an expert.
  4. Sellers do more research today than ever before in choosing a real estate investor to work with. Once you understand HOW they choose, it makes you more likely to be the ONE they choose.
  5. Content marketing attracts customers without you ever being “salesy”.
  6. When you put out quality content, this allows you to nurture potential customers and keep them in your world until they are ready to sell the property.
  7. Engaging content brings quality traffic to your website organically without ever spnding a dime.
  8. If you are investing virtually, it’s easy to build a national presence through content marketing.
  9. You can answer common questions or objections a potential motivated seller might have about working with you right there in your content.
  10. It allows you to give niche advice that they may be searching for regarding their specific situation such as probates and estates.
  11. Case studies and testimonials are types of content that are worth their weight in gold.
  12. You can fill your workshops and mentoring programs.


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