The 12 Week Year - 1st Quarter Roundup for 2016

The 12 Week Year – How Are You Doing?

It's that time again.  We are at the end of the first quarter which is also end of the first 12 week period if you are following the 12 week year. If you haven’t read that book, you should definitely do that.

Here is a link to the “12 Week Book Review” I did a while back on how to achieve your goals in record time.

I personally love breaking down my year into 4 parts.  It makes goal setting easier not to mention that it makes achieving those goals so much easier too. Working in 12 week segments helps all of us get rid of that feeling of being overwhelmed by our big goals, and it helps us to chart actionable steps for completing each one of those big tasks or goals. You need a plan!


How Are YOU Doing On Your Goals?

This can be a brutal question to ask yourself, but it's still early in the year so own your progress; good or bad. Once you have answered that question honestly, the next thing to ask yourself is “Is there something I need to change”?

I have found that the way to make exceptional progress on any goal is to break it down into manageable small steps, and to actually plan them out on your calendar.  So, how are you doing with that? Once you wrote your goals, did you create a plan for getting them done?  It's OK if you need to play catch-up. Just get back on track.


You Might Be Wondering – How Am I Doing On MY Goals?

I’ve made steady progress in some areas (I'm on target), and have completed some things I set out to do at the beginning of the year. I also took on projects that weren’t on my original goals for the year like planning a brand new destination event (more to come on that).  Whenever I take on additional things (as I often do), something else suffers. (And it did).

Let's just say I have some work to do in the next week if I'm going to get back on track with some my other 1st quarter goals.  I’ll just leave it at that.  It’s crunch time for me on 1 big project.  I will be pulling out my own 12 week year plan for a full 1st quarter review this week to be sure I haven't missed anything.



I have created 3 really short videos for you today on this topic of nailing your goals.

The first one is a 1st quarter goals check in.  The second video is on the only way to become “exceptional” which is to step outside your comfort zone. The last video is on the topic of going “all in”; why big commitment is needed for big changes.

Each video is only a couple of minutes so check them out and let me know what you think.


The 12 Week Year – 1st Quarter Goals Check In


What Does Success Have to Do with Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone?


Big Changes Require Big Commitment



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