accountability partnerToday I want to talk about the power of collaboration, and how it will help you grow your real estate investing business faster than trying to go it alone.

I've had 3 people just in the past week ask me about accountability partners. Even though I wrote about this topic earlier this year, it's obviously something people are still very interested in hearing about.

If you've never had one, you might be confused about why you should have an accountability partner. Then the next question is how to find one, and how to create a mutually beneficial relationship that will help you grow your business. That's what this episode is about. How to greatly improve your results simply through the power of collaboration.

I can promise you this; the power of collaboration is so important that if you don't currently have an accountability partner, finding one should be at the top of your “to do” list before the new year.  Don't look back next year and realize you didn't take the time to do this one simple thing.

Once you have settled into this whole accountability thing and fully realize the power of collaboration, there's no turning back. You will have a sounding board to help sort through your problems, and they will often be able to help you greatly shorten your learning curve (or avoid certain problems altogether).

And, lets face it; your friends and family really don't understand what we do most of the time.  Entrepreneurship isn't for everyone so it really helps to have someone that really knows what you do and the challenges you face.


Do you have an accountability partner?  


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